The Cast of Darcelle XV

Darcelle XV
Darcelle XV

The star of Darcelle & Company for over 35 years with incomparable glamour and glitz......stand up comedy, naughty, snappy, peppy and hot! An entertainer extraordinary who gets better and better with age. A person who has a heart full of love and gives numerous contributions to several charities. One who will leave an indelible mark in The City of Portland for generations to come. You owe it to yourself to a "once in a lifetime" experience of enjoying the "best in the business". Darcelle's "Rhinestone Cowboy" is a long-time favorite of will not soon forget it!
Roxy LaRoy

"The name on everybody's lips is going to be Roxy"! Not "Roxy Hart" but "Roxy LeRoy", who was "born in a truck in the Princers Theatre in Pocatello, Idaho". He had a dance school in Utah for years and worked as a male dancer in Las Vegas. Upon relocating to Portland in 1967, he was instrumental in creating the Darcelle theatrical character and establishing the nightclub which is still hailed as the West Coast's most popular cabaret. Roxy LeRoy created the club's most popular productions such as "Macho Man" and "Applause". Starting out as a "Fred Astaire", Roxy switched to dancing as a "Ginger Rogers" and audiences have love him ever since!
Poison Waters

From time to time, a person comes along who is liked by everyone. Poison Waters is one of those pleasantly rare individuals. Projecting an image of always smiling, unflappable, generous and is a well known fact that West of the Mississippi "everybody loves Poison". Furthermore Poison's versatile talent makes her a "superstar". As a cabaret act, Poison spares no expense in new outgoing, exciting and ultra-glamorous costumes. This coupled with new , fresh and exciting cabaret numbers result in entertainment at its best. Poison's web site is at
Mr. Mitchell
Mr. Mitchell

For over 20 years, this gifted young man is the male personage of this glamorous female impersonator revue. Included in his stage characters is Prince, Elton John and his unforgettable performance of the "Sweet Transvestite" from Rocky Horror. Handsome, with a smile and personality to go with it, customers look forward to "cabushing" with Mitchell when they visit the City of Roses
Tara Desmond
Tiara Desmond

Dazzling, Glamorous and Elegant are the first words that come to mind when Tiara hits our stage.  You will be mesmerized as she stands at a microphone stand and belts out one of her bluesy ballads.  She won the coveted title of La Femme Magnifique International in 2001, a pageant specially created for the most glamorous female impersonators in the world. Tiara's charitable efforts should not go un-noticed, she volunteers annually for "Friends of P.W.A", "Cascade Aids Project" and "Camp Starlight" to name just a few.  Make sure not to miss this brilliant performer who's smile will win your heart at first glimpse.
Summer Lynn Seasons
Summer Lynne Seasons has been entertaining audiences for over fifteen years. She is the currently the Vice President of the "Sweethearts of Portland" and has held the titles of Debutante XXXIV,  Miss Gay Portland XXXV and Imperial Princess Royale XXXVIII. She can be found entertaining audiences all over the USA raising funds for countless charities. Her personal favorites are Camp Starlight, Pride of the Rose Scholarship Fund, and Audria m. Edwards Scholarship Fund. She has worked at Darcelle XV for over four years, where she currently is the show Coordinator & Assistant Costume Designer.
Felicity Charmichaels

This young performer is no stranger to the stage. she has been entertaining crowds from the age of 10.   While in college she was in musicals such as Chicago,Meet Me In St. Louie, and Evita . It was when she turned 21 she turned her talents fo female impersonation. Now 6 years as a female impersonator, she shows her talent with the best of them. She joined the cast of Darcelle XV & Company 3 years ago as well as being crowned Miss Gay Portland in 2009.  Felicity "The Electricity" Carmichaels brings beauty and energy to the cabaret. 


In the world of female impersonation, there are many Liza Minnelli look-a-likes.  This Liza, however, has not only captured the look and the mannerisms of the Legendary Liza, but also embraces the power and magnitude of the incredible Liza charisma!  Born with a natural talent for the cabaret stage, catching a performance by Portland's Own Liza! will prove that to know Liza! is to love Liza!  Liza was chosen by Willamette Week as The Best Liza Minnelli Impersonator and has been performing at Darcelle's for over 15 years with 10 annual full length "concerts" as career highlights!
Monica Boulevard
Monica Boulevard

Monica Bouleverd has been a cast member at Darcelle XV for almost 20 years and did shows for 5 years prior to that. Monica has held many positions at Darcelle's from Assistant Choreographer to Show Coordinator. She currently works part time at Darcelle's and lends her talents to charitable causes. Monica likes to think of herslf as "the blackest white girl" in Portland. Monica has appeared on Jenny Jones and  was recently featured in video to help promote the book "Snuff "by Chuck Palahniuk
Celeste Towers