The Men of Darcelle
Male Strippers Friday and Saturday at Midnight
are CANCELLED during the COVID-19 Emergency. 
The Men of Darcelle XV follow the Darcelle XV & Company show on Fridays and Saturdays approximately at midnight.
If you attend the 10:30 p.m. show, you are welcomed to stay for the Men of Darcelle XV Midnight show at no additional charge.
If you attend the 8:30 Darcelle XV & Company show and wish to return for the Men of Darcelle XV, you should see the staff at the door for a pass to return at no additional charge
Return for the Men of Darcelle XV show at midnight is "IF SEATING IS AVAILABLE".
We do not take reservations for the Men of Darcelle XV show. If you did not attend either Darcelle XV & Company shows, the Entertainment Charge is $20.00 per person - Two (2) item minimum per person.
You must be twenty one (21) years of age with a valid picture ID
The Men of Darcelle XV do not perform on Wednesdays and Thursdays.
During the Darcelle XV & Company and Men of Darcelle XV shows, there is a light fare menu available.
Darcelle XV Showplace
208 Northwest Third Ave
Portland, Oregon
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